The Pine Creek Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on May 3, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., with Supervisors Dennis Greenaway, Thomas Wilt, and James Moore present.

Also present: Michelene Rich, Ruth Lupold, David Schultz of Jersey Shore Steel, Jeff Krape, Pam Smith, Tim Swartz, Robb Ohl, David Custer, G.K. Wasson, Marjorie & John Winn, Dr. Jill T. Wenrich, Bruce Boncal & Merrill Sweitzer of the Jersey Shore Area School District, Police Chief Dave Winkleman and Robert D. O’Connor, Jr., Esquire 

Meeting Minutes 

Chairman Greenaway asked for questions or comments on the minutes from April 5, 2017 monthly meeting, there being none, Supervisor Wilt made a motion to approve the minutes as presented; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU.  

Financial Report & Invoices  

Chairman Greenaway asked for questions or comments on the invoices and financial report, there being none, Supervisor Wilt made a motion to approve the invoices and financial report as submitted; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU.  

Public Participation 

Pam Smith  

Resident Pam Smith of Garden Circle asked about having the Township take care of patching potholes and plowing snow on Garden Circle.  

Chairman Greenaway explained that Garden Circle is a private right of way and in order for the Township to take over maintaining the road it would have to be paved and brought up to PennDot Specifications, after it is brought up to those specifications, the Township could take ownership of the road and maintain it.  

Robb Ohl, R.S. & Dave Custer  

Surveyor Robb Ohl and Dave Custer presented subdivision plans to the Supervisors for property on Central Avenue next to the Dairy Queen.  

After review of the proposed subdivision, Solicitor O’Connor advised Mr. Custer that the subdivision would create two non-conforming and that is not permissible under the Township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.   

Solicitor O’Connor explained to Mr. Custer that he would have to make application to the Zoning Officer for a subdivision review which the Zoning Officer must deny due to the provisions in the SALDO, and at that point Mr. Custer would apply for a Zoning Variance which will be heard by the Pine Creek Township Zoning Hearing Board.  

Old Business: 

Jeff Krape of Windy Ridge Breeder Farm, LLC - Preliminary Land Development Plans for Proposed Layer Barn 

Jeff Krape of Windy Ridge Breeder Farm, LLC presented Final Land Development Plans to the Supervisors for a 66 ft. by 604 ft. poultry barn to be placed adjacent to an existing poultry barn on the Windy Ridge Farm located on Dugan Lane. 

Supervisor Wilt made a motion to approve the Final Land Development Plans as submitted; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU. 

New Business: 

Cell/Internet Service – Jersey Shore Area School District  

Dr. Jill Wenrich, Superintendent of the Jersey Shore Area School District presented a Certificate of Recognition to the Board of Supervisors in appreciation for the Township’s work in keeping the roads cleared of snow during the winter months.  

Dr. Wenrich also discussed the importance of cell phone and internet access to the School District stating that access is important to the School District for two specific reasons, for the safety of students and for 21st Century learning.  According to Dr. Wenrich, out of 2,400 students within the District, 236 are from Pine Creek Township and beginning next year high school students will receive an Ipad with a keyboard to do their school work, currently students in elementary schools are using Ipads without keyboards.  

According to Dr. Wenrich, there are 13 townships and three boroughs within the District and some areas within the district do not have access to cell service or internet.  Dr. Wenrich and Mr. Boncal have been attending township meetings to stress the importance of obtaining cell and internet service for students living in areas that do not have access and they believe that if the District works with municipalities as a region it may be possible to get services to those areas within the District who have a small population.  

Bruce Boncal, Director of Operations, gave examples as to why cell phone service is also important for safety, stating there was an accident in Mifflin Township along Rte. 287 where a child was hit by a truck while waiting at the bus stop and there was no way for School District Officials or emergency personnel to communicate during the incident.  

He also said he believes cell service is also important economic development and pointed out that tourists want cell phone service to stay connected and for safety purposes should something happen while enjoying recreational activities in the area. 

Chairman Greenaway indicated that the Board of Supervisors would be happy to help the School District with their efforts to expand cell and internet service within the area and understand the importance of doing so and the Township will adopt a resolution to that effect.  

Law Enforcement Report:  

The Law Enforcement Report presented included 184 incidents for the month of April and officers worked 284.75 hours, incidents included:  

  • Assist Others – 12
  • Citations Issued – 25
  • DUI – 0
  • Motorist Assist – 2
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents - 1
  • Follow-up – 40
  • School Bus - 0
  • Traffic Stop – 18
  • Training - 0
  • Verbal Warnings – 7
  • Written Warnings – 9
  • Criminal Mischief – 0
  • Dog – 2
  • Entry - 1
  • Harassment – 0
  • Hearings – 6
  • Ordinance - 1
  • Warrants - 0
  • Theft – 0
  • Other – 53
  • Domestic – 5
  • Hit-Run – 0
  • Bad Check – 1
  • Drug Incident - 1
  • EMS – 0

Chief Winkleman reported that the police office renovations are almost complete. 

Chief Winkleman also reported that the equipment from the Dodge Cruiser is being removed from the vehicle and is being sold to another local police department.  

Zoning Officer Winkleman reported he had been contacted by the Developer of Liberty Travel Plaza (Burger King) about the possibility of transferring a liquor license into Pine Creek Township for the plaza.  

It was the consensus of the Board of Supervisors that they would endorse having the license transferred to the township. 

There being no further business, Chairman Greenaway made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Supervisor Wilt, MCU and the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Darlene S. Macklem, Secretary