The Pine Creek Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on June 7, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., with Supervisors Dennis Greenaway, Thomas Wilt, and James Moore present.   

Also present: Ruth Lupold, David Schultz of Jersey Shore Steel, Bob Myers of Hawbaker Engineering, Police Chief Dave Winkleman and Robert D. O’Connor, Jr., Esquire  

Meeting Minutes

Chairman Greenaway asked for questions or comments on the minutes from May 3, 2017 monthly meeting, there being none, Supervisor Wilt made a motion to approve the minutes as presented; seconded by Supervisor Greenaway, MCU.  

Financial Report & Invoices  

Chairman Greenaway asked for questions or comments on the invoices and financial report, there being none, Supervisor Wilt made a motion to approve the invoices and financial report as submitted; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU.  

Public Participation 

There was no public participation.  

Old Business:  

2012 Dodge Police Cruiser  

Supervisor Wilt made a motion to list the 2012 Dodge Police Cruiser for sale on Municibid starting the bids at $5,000; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU. 

 Zoning Ordinance Update:  

Secretary Macklem reported that the Township has received a draft of Sections I through IV of the revised Zoning Ordinance and the draft for review by Township officials and the Township Solicitor. 

New Business: 

Avis Travel Plaza Preliminary Land Development Plan  

Bob Myers of Hawbaker Engineering presented Preliminary Land Development Plan for the Avis Travel Plaza to the Board of Supervisors for review.  

The Supervisors received a letter from Township Engineer Todd Pysher who recommended approval of the Preliminary Land Development Plan with the following conditions:  

1.   The Developer must provide the Township with a copy of the NPDES permit for this project.  

2.   The Developer must provide the Township with a copy of the PennDOT HOP for the proposed                        driveways.  

3.   If PennDOT requires the Township to be the applicant for the proposed modifications to the intersection         of Woodward Avenue and Carl Kephart Boulevard, the Developer must execute a Co-Applicant                     agreement with the Township.  

4.   The land development plan was submitted as a Final Plan; however, Todd Pysher, P.E. recommended           that the Developer seek approval for a preliminary land development plan, and then submit a final land         development plan to the Board of Supervisors for approval prior to occupancy.  A developer agreement         should be signed by the Township, the Developer, and the general contractor that, inter alia, prohibits             the Developer and his general contractor from scheduling an inspection for occupancy prior to approval         of a final land development plan. 

5.   The Design Engineer must satisfactorily address all of Township Engineer Todd Pysher’s plan review             comments that were discussed by the engineers on Monday, June 5, 2017. 

Supervisor Wilt made a motion to grant conditional approval of the Preliminary Land Development Plan with the conditions outlined by Township Engineer Todd Pysher and upon review by the Clinton County Planning Commission; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU.  

Bob Myers, P.E., also requested permission for the Developer to bury the fiberglass fuel tanks when they are delivered to the site in order to prevent damage to the tanks.  

Supervisor Wilt made a motion to allow the Developer to bury the fuel tanks upon delivery; seconded by Supervisor Moore, MCU. 

 2017 County Liquid Fuels  

Chairman Greenaway reported that the Clinton County Commissioners rejected the Township’s application for County Liquid Fuels for 2017, stating previously the Township received $3,905 annually.  It was noted that the County Commissioners changed the application process for 2017 making it more difficult for municipalities to obtain County Aid.

Volunteer Firefighters Real Estate Tax Discount  

The Board discussed the statute that was enacted during 2016 discounting township real estate taxes by 20% for Volunteer Firefighters and requested Solicitor O’Connor provide them with a model ordinance.  

Violation Notice  

Zoning Officer Winkleman stated that he has contacted the Township Solicitor about complaints he received for a property in Sagamore Hills that is not being maintained indicating there is a weed problem and a swimming pool that is not being maintained.  The Township Solicitor will be issuing a Notice of Violation to the owner of the property within the next week.  

Zoning Officer Winkleman also reported that the South Avis Inn property has been sold and the building is being converted into apartments.  

Law Enforcement Report:  

The Law Enforcement Report presented included 184 incidents for the month of April and officers worked 284.75 hours, incidents included:  

  • Assist Others – 30
  • Citations Issued – 53
  • DUI – 1
  • Motorist Assist – 1
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents - 4
  • Follow-up – 57
  • School Bus - 0
  • Traffic Stop – 38
  • Training - 1
  • Verbal Warnings – 20
  • Written Warnings – 40
  • Criminal Mischief – 2
  • Dog – 1
  • Entry - 1
  • Harassment – 1
  • Hearings – 6
  • Ordinance - 5
  • Warrants - 4
  • Theft – 5
  • Other – 51
  • Domestic – 4
  • Hit-Run – 0
  • Bad Check – 1
  • Drug Incident - 2
  • EMS – 1

Chief Winkleman requested approval to purchase two sets of stop sticks stating in the past three weeks there have been three vehicle pursuits that have gone through the township.  

Chief Winkleman also suggested the Township purchase AED’s for the police cruisers and township building and agreed to research grants to purchase the AED’s.  

Chief Winkleman stated he is also looking into the possibility of Pine Creek Township Police Officers carrying Narcan for the safety of the public and officers. Narcan (naloxone) is used for the reversal of an opioid overdose such as herion.  Currently there is a problem with Carfentanil, which is a powerful drug used for tranquilizing large animals, being mixed with heroin, making it extremely toxic and dangerous for officers should they come into contact with the drug.

He said that West Branch Drug and Alcohol has offered to supply the Police Department with two doses of Narcan and he will look into other possible funding sources to help with the cost of purchasing additional doses of Narcan.  

The Great Island Race Series 

Supervisor Wilt reported that the Board received notice of The Great Island Race Series consisting of three triathlons sponsored by the Lock Haven Rotary Club will be held on June 30th and July 1st and a Certificate of Liability Insurance has been issued to the Township for the event.

There being no further business, Chairman Greenaway made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Supervisor Wilt, MCU and the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Darlene S. Macklem, Secretary