Zoning responsibilities in the township rest with the Zoning Officer and the Zoning Hearing Board.

The Zoning Officer issues UCC Building Permits for the construction, alteration, erection or placement of buildings and structures which comply with the Zoning Ordinance. In cases involving requests for a conditional use, a special exception or a variance, permits shall be issued only upon written order of the appropriate approving agency (i.e. Board of Supervisors or Zoning Hearing Board). It is the responsibility of the Zoning Officer to process requests for hearings before the Zoning Hearing Board and in certain instances (i.e. conditional uses and amendment requests), hearings before the Township Supervisors.

It is also the responsibility of the Zoning Officer and the UCC Inspector to examine land, buildings and structures to determine their consistency with the Zoning Ordinance at the time of application filing, during the work and completion of the work. The Zoning Officer also issues Certificates of Occupancy for new structures.

Anyone with questions on land use, zoning restrictions or would like to obtain a UCC Building Permit or Land Use Permit should contact Zoning Officer, David Winkleman at 753-5672 or 971-0007.

The Zoning Hearing Board consists of three residents appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Application for a special exception or variance are submitted to the Zoning Officer who then contacts the Zoning Hearing Board to schedule a zoning hearing.


Zoning Hearing Board Members:


Leroy Keiler

Conrad Schlesinger

Myron Deitrick

Solicitor: Frank Miceli


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